Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Natural

So there has been a lot of debate going on about everyone following a trend of black women with natural hair. But I feel like for whatever reason an individual is doing it does it really matter? It is their natural. You have your natural I have mine, and they have theirs.

So I decided to make this post to highlight My Natural, and the reason behind me going natural.

I have gone through my share of hair styles from african braids, to tracks, to my permed hair. And in each of these I have had a wide range of cuts, and designs. But I have always wanted dreadlocks. From a young child, but my parents would tell me know I am too young to make such a permanent decision. Eventually that passed, but my longing to wear my hair in its natural state never passed. I would see these natural women with their fros, and bantu-knot outs and be amazed. Eventually a family friend went natural and I was so amazed by her courage and after a big debate with myself I decided to just do it.

Now that I have My Natural I could not be more in love. I like this side of me, and could careless who does not. I love myself, and embrace the real me no weave, no chemicals, just me. Now My Natural may be new, inexperienced, and different from yours, but that is what makes it mines, and I am happy with that.

So the next time you guys are wondering if you are following a trend, or have people questioning your motives just tell them this is My Natural, not yours.

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